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New Cutting Edge Technology Defines Our Popular Disposable E-Cigarette
MYLE’s new Micro device is just that, a tiny handheld device that can claim to be one of the smallest, most compact devices on the market. But just because it’s small, does not mean we have compromised on any of the important features you expect from MYLE in a cutting edge device: featherweight, sleek, compact, easy to use, a pleasure to hold and one that delivers great flavor.

We made this device micro small, yet mighty, as this device features a 3ml tank that will deliver approx 1000 puffs. The cotton coil adds incredible stability to your flavor experience by improving the device performance and increasing the longevity of your coil. You will never experience a burnt taste with the stability of this cotton coil.

Flavor Description:

A rich classic natural earthy tobacco flavor. A familiar blend that you will find satisfying, without the smoke, ash or tar taste.




Recognize as one of the fastest growing safe and affordable nicotine delivery systems worldwide

MYLE (pronounce “my-lee”),

has set the global market standard in providing consumers with a premium vaping experience through modern design and technology.

Through the development of modern vaping device technology combined with scientifically based e-liquid formulas.

They has achieve their goal in becoming a world leader in the e-cigarette industry.

They are a company that provides a very safe and desirable alternative to combustible cigarettes

That is pleasurable for the consumer in its ease of use, customization, durability and safety

MYLE is designed specifically for adult smokers, and it’s our top priority to keep products out of the hands of underage users.

To achieve this, they have establishes various points of contact if underage vaping is detected

This transparency has help them to identify and understand how underage users obtain

Products and by locating the source of underage sales, we can better ensure the safety of our children.

They continue to work closely with retailers who are dedicated to enforcing Tobacco 21 laws,

And are willing to help educate consumers on the new tobacco legislation.

Additionally, myle online safety protocol prevents illegal online sales to minors and requires a 21+ age verification upon checkout,

And an adult (21+) signature confirmation upon delivery of all MYLE products.

As a leader in the vape industry,

Their goal is to set a high standard for keeping nicotine products out of the hands of underage consumers

And to assist in eliminating all issues pertaining to youth vaping.

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